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Our Males


ASDR Registered 

Charlie is lovingly known as Charlie Husband. He’s a mommas boy and let’s everyone know it. He loves the ladies and hearts melt when he turns on the charm!Charlie is a red Tri and around 13.5” tall. Born in November 2016. Charlie is ASDR registered. 



ASDR Registered 

Luca is an absolute darling. He has the sweetest temperament and the biggest cheesiest smile. Yes, he’s a smiler and occasionally passes the smiley gene on to his offspring! He’s a happy little guy with beautiful blue eyes. Luca is a ‘blue eyed’ black Tri and around 11” tall. He was born in October 2017.  Luca is ASDR registered.  


Canadian Kennel Club & ASDR Registered 

Merlot is considered a small standard at 19”. He is full panel clear and an absolute sweetheart. He passes on his wonderful temperament to his puppies. 



Canadian Kennel Club Registered 

Loyal is around 21” and big boned. This guy is handsome and very sweet. His sire is a champion. 

Our Males: Males
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